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Susan's Stories
These stories are fiction.  Although I hope they may provide both entertainment and ideas for those interested in dominance and submission, they are not necessarily reflections of real life .   

*Click HERE for "Susan's Snippets" - writings and verse that don't quite qualify as stories..


"What shall I do to you?"
Electrotorture... Copyright Notice
All stories and writings on this web site are copyright. However, you are welcome to copy them for your own personal use.  You are also welcome to copy stories, parts of stories or poems for use on web sites and forums elsewhere on the Internet IF, and ONLY IF, you also include a link to this site.  Thank you.

"The Gladiator"
In the arena...
"I want you to whip me" Or maybe not.


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 "He brought her flowers" Could she be a dominatrix?
 "I Suppose.." (part 1) An experiment?

"She Knew" (part 1) 

She decides to fulfill his desire to be dominated - but perhaps not quite the way he intended.... Search for your sextoys or erotic clothing here:
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"She Knew" (part 2) He starts to find out what a really dominant woman can do to him....
"Decisions" (part 1) What will she do to the stranger?
"Wedding Night" He really should have found out more about her desires before the wedding.......
"He Was Hopeless" A story of domination at the stables....
"The Mother-in-Law" While the wife's away, the mother-in-law comes to stay....
"A Vanilla Evening?" What will she do to him?
"The Boyfriend Substitute?" It's only practice.  Isn't it?
"The Berkeley Horse" (part 1)
Always pay your bills at Mrs Berkeley's....
"Will you be a model for me?" she said....
"The Male Model"
Under her control wherever he goes
"Just a little fantasy..."