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Susan's Stories:

"She Knew"
Part 1


"She Knew" is part of a collection of short stories









She knew he wanted to try some kinky stuff.

She had always resisted the idea before, but now she thought maybe she’d try it.

Anyway, there was something quite exciting at the idea of dominating him sexually.

She started to plan it.

She knew he wanted to be tied to the bed – he had hinted at that often enough.

She knew he liked to be between her legs – licking.

He’d always shown an interest in whips and that sort of thing, and she’d noticed he seemed particularly turned-on when she was a little rough when they made love.

She was determined to enjoy this. She wasn’t sure he would enjoy it all – but then once he was tied to the bed he wouldn’t have a lot of choice about it...........

He came home at the usual time. About half an hour after he had promised he’d be in. She said nothing. After he’d eaten, she suggested an early night. He agreed.

She’d put on her sexiest underwear under her clothes, but he hadn’t noticed. It was that mesh bodystocking he had kept on at her to buy. She had only ever worn it twice before. He climbed into bed after he’d turned off the lights and put his arm over her as usual. She felt him react as he discovered what she was wearing.

She turned towards him, pushing him gently onto his back and moving on top of him. She straddled his chest, kneeling up, and grasped one of his hands. He didn’t resist as she moved it towards the corner of the metal headboard, nor even as she slipped the loop of rope she had attached to the bed earlier over his wrists and tightened it. She did the same to the other wrist, tightening both to stretch his arms far apart to the top corners of the bed.

Now he couldn’t move much, but she hadn’t finished yet. She climbed off him and out of bed, then pulled down the bedclothes. At the bottom of the bed she had attached longer ropes around the short bedlegs, and now she put the loops around his ankles pulling them tight and tightening so that his legs were drawn far apart and he was spread-eagled, helpless.

"This is what you like, isn’t it?" she asked.

He nodded. Unable to speak. But he seemed unsure.

She climbed back onto him, rubbing her legs and body against him to give him the full sensation of the bodystocking she wore. She knelt upright astride his chest. "Want to lick me?" she asked.

"Yes, please."

She knelt over his face and lowered herself slowly towards him, pulling apart the split between the legs of her bodystocking. She gripped the sides of his head with her thighs, keeping his head still as she pushed him exactly where she wanted him. She felt his tongue on her and inside her, then as she moved backwards and forwards slightly, identified the position where his mouth and nose was completely covered. She pushed down onto him, and held her position until he started to wriggle to get a breath of fresh air.

She moved up away from him for a moment. "Don’t wriggle," she said, "That’s naughty." She gently slapped his cheek, paused, then slapped a bit harder.

"Now keep completely still until I tell you to move."

She lowered herself onto him again, pushing downwards and then keeping completely still. She squeezed with her muscles, flexing them to squeeze his face, but counted the seconds tick away as she smothered him completely, enjoying the power she now had over him.

After nearly a minute she lifted herself from him, and heard his gasp as he was able to breath properly again. She waited just a few seconds, then covered him again. For only half a minute she smothered him, then lifted for just long enough for him to draw breath and down again. And again. And again. And again.

Finally she tired of this game. She lifted herself and turned round, plonking herself in reverse on his face. This time he could breath, but felt himself crushed under her buttocks.

She sat upright, and reached down to his chest. She took each of his nipples between her finger and thumb and squeezed gently. He flinched. She released the pressure for a moment, and then started to rub, roll, squeeze and pinch rhythmically.

She could see that although he was finding it uncomfortable, he also found it arousing. She kept doing it for many minutes.

She leaned forward and grabbed his throbbing manhood, holding it firmly in one hand and squeezing – not rubbing; she didn’t want him making a mess everywhere. At least, not yet. She made sure he could feel her fingernails digging into his skin.

Pulling it towards her, she reached her other hand to its end. Gently, she ran one fingernail around its end. Then a little harder, and felt his body buck with the discomfort, yet it hardened more and more the rougher she was with it. She rubbed the palm of her hand over its end, alternating between this and the fingernail.

Finally, she leaned right forward. For a second he thought she was going to suck him, but she took him between her teeth and gripping firmly she raked her teeth up and down its whole length, nibbling and biting the end. Careful not to do damage or draw blood, she gripped, then scratched, then bit. Each time he made any noise, she pushed herself firmly over his mouth to keep him quiet.

This became boring after a while. In any case, she didn’t want him to become TOO sore – at least not yet. She turned round and sat on his stomach, sliding down until she felt his hardness pressing against her buttocks and then moving just a little further down to keep his hardness pushed back just past where it was comfortable for him. She scratched idly at his chest with her fingernails while she considered what to do next. He asked her to release him, but she refused. She threatened to gag him if he didn’t keep quiet, and toyed with the idea of actually doing it. "Maybe next time," she thought to herself.

She just sat for a while, occasionally dragging her fingernails across his chest, or tweaking his nipples.

She took off her bodystocking and moved up his body again. Leaning forward, her breasts brushed his face. She felt his lips on them as he tried to kiss – to suck.

"Naughty," she said, and slapped his cheek again several times, but not too hard.

She leaned right forward, his face covered completely between her breasts. She pressed her breasts together with her hands, her soft flesh forming an airtight seal round his mouth and nose. She liked this game of "breath control". He could breath only when she chose to let him breath, and that gave her such a feeling of power over him. Repeatedly she smothered him and released him, varying the time he was covered so that he never knew whether to expect it would last just a few seconds or more than a minute. Sometimes she allowed him to breath for several seconds, and others gave him just the time to catch one quick breath.

She knelt astride his face again. Naked, now, and let him look up at her for a while. There was enough light in the darkened room for him to see her – only just. Then she came down onto him. With no mesh bodystocking in the way, her flesh seemed to envelop him totally. But after sitting covering him completely for longer than he thought he could possibly have held his breath, she started to move rhythmically on him as he licked and sucked at her. She concentrated on her own pleasure, not caring or considering whether he was comfortable underneath her. She rocked, wriggled, slid, writhed on top of him until finally she shuddered with extreme pleasure and her muscles gripped at him so tightly he felt almost as though his bones would break.

"Stop licking. Keep still." she commanded.

She sank down onto him, content to sit still and recover her breath. Wet, dripping onto his face and not inclined to move until she had recovered completely. He could breath, now, but the wetness went into his mouth and nose, and he breathed her in with every breath he took.

"Now for you," she said.

"But perhaps not just yet."

She climbed off him and left the room. She went to the bathroom and dried herself.

Then she returned and climbed straight onto him, holding and squeezing his hardness as she directed it deep into her. This wouldn’t take long, she thought.

She sat still on him, upright. She squeezed with her muscles, watching and feeling for his reaction as she tightened on him. She went on squeezing, not moving her body at all, just her muscles. She could feel and see this was exciting him, After some minutes, she started to move. Slow, deliberate movements all the way up and then equally slowly down again. She rested her hands on his chest to take her weight, but kept her body as upright as possible to allow the maximum possible sensation on him from the slow, steady up and down movements. She felt the movement of his hips, willing her to faster- to finish it. But she wouldn’t be hurried. She enjoyed the feeling of him deep inside her, and the slight friction against her, inside, as she slowly moved up and down.

Eventually she started to move faster. Slowly increasing the speed and feeling his breathing quicken and the movement of his hips as he thrust upwards, puliing against the ropes that help him tightly to the bed. Faster and faster – until he exploded into her.

She stopped for a minute, feeling him inside her. She knew he really wanted her to stop now. So she started again – forcing herself up and down on him in smaller movements until finally as he contracted he was no longer inside her. Still she didn’t leave him alone, reaching down with her hand and gripping and squeezing him. She lay on the bed beside him now, continuing to grip, squeeze and rub.

She’d keep this going for at least five minutes and then stop – or until he became hard again, and she’d climb back on a repeat it.

She had finished now. She ought to untie him.

She thought about it, and decided she’d keep him there for a while.

She just hadn’t decided how long. Perhaps she’d go and have a wash and then sit on his face again. Or perhaps she wouldn’t. It really was her choice.

And she was thinking about what she could do next time. Perhaps she’d be a little more adventurous. She was SURE he wouldn’t mind whatever she tried............

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