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Susan's Stories
"Just a little fantasy..."

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Hello. Do come in. Iím pleased to see youíve taken your clothes off already. Lie down on the bed - shall I restrain you? I think so.

Just slip these comfortable cuffs over your wrists and ankles, thatís right. Now Iíll just pull these tight like this, and there you are. Nicely spread-eagled on my bed.

Weíre not going to do anything special today, just the usual. Let me look - yes, nice and hard. Now Iím going to hold you just here with my left hand while I rub firmly with my right. Iím an expert at this, you know. I can feel just when youíre about to.......that was quick. I felt the beginning of those muscle spasms already - thatís why Iíve stopped.

Now, letís see just how sensitive you are. Iíll just hold your cock steady while I rub it with this.

What? What is it? Oh yes, I didnít tell you, did I?

Itís just a little pad made of velcro. Thatís right, very rough and uncomfortable if itís rubbed against you for more than a couple of seconds. And just right for rubbing all over the end of a sensitive cock.

Iím still checking those muscles at the base of your cock with my other hand - just to make sure youíre not going to do anything nasty. Are you getting a little sore? More than a little sore? You seem to be wilting a little - so Iíll stop the rubbing with the velcro and pump it up and down for a while until.......ah. There we go! Just right again.

How long shall we keep doing this?


Now. Enough of that, I think.

I have something more for you - let me strap it onto you while youíre tied up and canít stop me.

See how nicely it fits? Your cock and balls are almost completely enclosed, although you will be able to pee without too much trouble.

This is special - very special. A marvel of micro-engineering and computer technology, and it all fits so perfectly under your clothes that no-one would ever know.

The original idea for this wasnít mine, but my version is just so much better.

Itís not a chastity device in the normal sense. It will certainly stop you touching your cock, but itís much, much more than that. It wonít stop you having an erection - the flexible rings will expand and contract to fit you perfectly at all times. In fact, those little pads at the base will vibrate, squeeze and pulse to give you an erection whenever I want them to.

Yes. When I want them to. Itís remotely controlled, and I have the control unit.

I press this button just here, and almost instantly your cock hardens and grows. And I can see exactly what your cockís doing by just looking at the readings on the little monitor, the sensors measure every movement, every throb and every muscle movement your cock makes. If you get an erection when youíre away from me I shall know instantly - this device works up to 25 miles away.

The device doesnít look too solid, does it? It really looks as though you could take it off whenever you felt like it. I wouldnít try it. Any tampering with it and it will generate a strong electric charge - and thatís well into the severe pain level that will bend you double in agony. And it will keep doing that for thirty seconds after you stop tampering, just to remind you not to do it again. The pain level will also activate automatically if you go more than 25 miles from the remote control.

And thereís more. Much more.

The whole device can vibrate up and down your cock either slowly or very fast. I can drive you to orgasm at the touch of a button; but I can watch the monitor, drive you to the point of orgasm and then stop. I can do this at any time, when you are anywhere. I can create your erection, or I can kill your erection with an electric shock the device will apply in just the right place.

And when Iíve driven you nearly to the point of orgasm, I can keep you hard or not, as I choose. See this button? This is really special. I press this and the insides of the metal tubes all sprout stiff little bristles. I can vibrate these either all over your cock or just at the end of it - covering just the most sensitive part. I can scrub your cock as effectively as if it were in my hand while I worked on it with a scrubbing brush, and just as painfully. I can completely control the speed of the scrubbing, and continue it for as long as I want.

So now you know what youíre wearing. What you donít know is how often I intend to use the remote control. Once a day, perhaps? Once a week, perhaps? Every hour, if Iím bored? Or maybe every ten minutes. Youíll never be sure until it happens.















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