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"What shall I do to you?"

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I have you in my house and we are alone. You will do as I tell you, of course, yet you are nervous - very nervous. You have no idea what I am going to do to you, but already you have agreed that I may do as I wish with you. Now there is no escape - the door is locked and I have locked away your clothes. You are naked, my prisoner, my slave, my toy.

You remember what you wrote? That the greatest fear might be to be tied in an extreme position and forced to hold your position to avoid shocks to the genitals?

Iím sure you remember.

So you are rather surprised when I tie you ever so comfortably on your back to my bed. This is not at all what you expected.

Your wrists are firmly attached to the top corners of my bed, held by strong yet soft leather cuffs. Your ankles are not yet attached - donít worry, they will be soon. But I have something else to do first.

I grasp your ankles and raise your legs right up over your head to expose your ass. I attach them to cuffs, just like your wrists, and you are held there for me. This is temporary, just to enable me to complete the next stage.

You wonder what is coming next. A whipping, perhaps? A spanking with a paddle or, if you are ever so lucky, with my bare hand on your ass that is now so nicely positioned? Or will I produce one of my strap-ons and ram it into you mercilessly?

Youíre not so far wrong with your last guess. First a little lubrication is needed. I dig my fingers into a small pot of grease and tenderly smear it all over the crack of your ass. I work it in, rubbing carefully and firmly. Now I want it right in you, and I press a finger inside you, feeling your muscles instinctively grip at my finger as it works the grease in and all round. A second finger widens you, and I spend a few minutes working them in and out.

I produce a large butt-plug and show it to you. It looks a bit big and you fear it will not fit you without damage. It will - oh yes, it will. But perhaps not without a certain amount of pain. It is an unusual butt-plug. It has silver bands round it; metal bands. Now what ever can they be for?

Did I tell you about the special lubricant I used on you? Did I tell you about its conductive properties?

Have you a clue whatís happening yet?

In goes the butt-plug. I donít give you time to complain. I push, firmly and forcefully until the widest part of the plug is inside you and your sphincter has closed onto the narrow base of the plug. There. Do you feel nice and full? It may hurt more when I remove it later, but you neednít worry about that for a long, long time.

I attach something to the base of the plug. In your position you canít see what it is. Can you guess?

Now I release your ankles and bring your legs down. The plug feels most strange as it is forced in that little bit more with your ass firmly down on the bed. I spread your legs wide and attach your ankles to the lower corners of the bed. I tighten all the straps on the cuffs, just to make sure you have no movement available to you. I reach under the bed and find the broad straps I have hidden there. Each will reach right across the bed and fasten securely to hold you perfectly in place without the possibility of you being able to move at all. This is so important for what is going to happen to you. You still donít know, do you? One strap goes across your forehead. One strap goes over your neck. One strap goes across your chest, one across your stomach, one across the top of your legs, one just below your knees. I tighten them, being careful not to choke you with the neck strap.

Finally, I go across to the wall of the room. I start to unroll a long strip of metal foil. I run it across the bed your an inch or two above you. You feel it cold against your hard and erect cock. I attach it to the opposite wall.

I leave the room. You hear me in the kitchen, rummaging in the freezer. Donít get panicky, itís just a little ice Iím after. Applied to your cock it will reduce that nasty swelling very quickly, and I can turn on my device.

Now you can hear it, humming gently to itself. You can feel nothing, yet. So shall I tell you what it does?

It produces an electric current which runs, as is normal with electricity, through a circuit. When the circuit is complete, the voltage slowly increases. When the circuit is cut, the voltage returns to its starting levels.

You donít really need to ask what completes the circuit, do you? You already know - one electrode is firmly lodged in your ass, and the other is the metal foil just above your cock.

Oh dear, you found the thought of that exciting, didnít you? Feel the tingling increasing steadily? Now itís throbbing. Now itís pain. Now itís intense pain thatís becoming worse and........oh look: the circuitís broken.

How long will it be before the circuit is complete again? Having trouble? Let me see if I can help you. Iím going to be soooooo nice to you. Iím going to show you everything you could possibly want a woman to show you. Shall I take off some clothes? Shall I find my most exciting outfits? Shall I play with myself? Shall I make use of some of my own special toys? Would you like a close-up - here I am just an inch over your face? Oooh. Now I didnít expect that: if I touch you well away from the electrodes I get such a gentle, pleasant electrical tingle. Itís only across that short distance directly between the electrodes you really feel the strength of it. How wonderful. I think you may lick me until I tell you to stop............




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