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Susan's Stories
"He Was Hopeless"
A story of domination at the riding stables

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"He Was Hopeless" is part of a collection of short stories "Strictly Susan - The Third Collection"

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He was hopeless.

However much the instructors tried to teach him, he slid this way and that in the saddle and always looked as though he was about to fall off.  Invariably, before the end of the lesson, he had fallen off at least once.

But he kept coming back for more lessons - taking the expensive individual tuition from the best of the stableís all-female instructors. And still he did not improve.

Eventually the owner of the stables called him into her office.

"Look," she said, "I really donít think thereís anything more we can teach you. Youíve got to face it: youíre really not suited for horse riding. Surely youíve realised? Why on earth do you keep spending your money on more and more lessons?"

He shuffled from one foot to the other, looking rather sheepish.

"Well?" she said, looking at him in surprise, "Why do you keep booking more lessons?"

He stuttered.

"Come on," she said sharply, "Tell me."

"You see," he began, "I wanted to ride horses at first. But then......" his voice tailed off.

"Oh come on," she snapped in exasperation, "You might as well tell me."

He had turned bright red.

"Iím sorry, " he explained, "But the women....the instructors....theyíre so attractive. With their boots.....their jodhpurs.....their riding crops......." his voice tailed off again.

She stared at him in surprise, rather shocked at his admission and not quite knowing what to say.

Then, bit by bit, an idea started forming in her mind.

"OK," she said slowly, "I think we can help you. And I think I have a way we can guarantee you wonít fall of a horse when we take you out on it."

"Really?" his voice brightened.

"Yes, really." She had made up her mind now. "But youíll have to do exactly what youíre told - and I think youíll find it.........interesting. Be here on Sunday at 7am. There will be no-one else around then, just me and my two best instructors."


He arrived at 6.45 on Sunday morning. The three women were waiting for him and there was no sign of anyone else around. The woods that surrounded the stables were quiet at the busiest times, and now they were completely deserted.

The instructors invited him into the office.

"Are you ready for this?" the owner asked him.

"I think so.....but what are we going to do?"

She laughed. "You admitted youíre attracted to that dominant look female riding instructors have, and you want to ride a horse."

"Yes, but.........."

"No Ďbutsí," she was determined now not to let him back out. "You get a thrill from my instructors with their whips?"

"Yes.....," he was nervous.

"And you want to ride a horse without falling off?"

"Yes.....," he was more positive about that.

"OK then. And you agree to anything Iím going to tell you to do?"

"Anything?" he was not too sure about that.

"Anything." She said firmly, "Otherwise you can go home and never come back."

He hesitated. Then decided.

"Yes. OK. Anything you say."

"Right. Take off your trousers."


"You said anything. Now do what youíre told."

As she spoke, the two other instructors entered the room. They did not wait for him to agree, but started to remove his trousers. He half-heartedly tried to stop them, but really was not trying too hard. As they pulled down his underwear, his excitement was obvious.

"Look," he protested lamely, "This wasnít quite what I had in mind."

"Shut up. And come to the stable."

With the two instructors grasping his wrists, she led the way to the stable and up onto the mounting platform used for children and beginners who were unable to get onto the horses without assistance. A horse was tethered alongside the platform, already saddled and......

"NO!!!!" His shout echoed round the nearly empty room.

"Yes." And as she spoke he felt the sharp cut of her riding crop across his buttocks and the grip of the other two women on his wrists tightened.

He looked in dismay at the horseís saddle.

Right in the middle of it, just where he would sit as he rode the horse, rose an erect, thick, stiff rubber cock, glistening with lubricant that clearly had just been rubbed all over it.

He felt the three women pushing him towards it, pulling one leg across the horseís back and lowering him down onto it. He felt the thickness of it between his buttocks, easing its way in as it pushed him apart. He felt it enter him, slowly sliding inside as they pushed him down. He felt the pain as it went deep within him, and finally he was sitting down on the saddle with the cock firmly embedded in his ass.

They led the horse out of the stable, the cock straining this way and that inside him as he sat unsteadily on the swaying seat. They mounted their own horses, bringing them close to his and taking a practice swing each with their long riding crops at his partially-obscured ass, making sure they could reach. The stable owner directed her crop, experimentally at his own cock, which he suddenly realised was itself erect and pointing out from under his shirt.

"Good," she said, "Iím pleased to see youíre enjoying it. Just remember we can reach you with our crops if you donít do EXACTLY what youíre told. Now letís get going."

With the two other women on their horses each side of him, he pressed his horse forward out of the stable yard into the wood, amazed at the feelings inside him of the artificial cock that moved with every step the horse took.

"Right," said the stable owner. "Now letís get trotting............"





















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