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Susan's Stories
"Wedding Night"
"Wedding Night" is part of a collection of short stories "Strictly Susan - The Third Collection"

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It was their wedding night. 

Alone in their room, they were both excited by the prospect of what lay ahead.  Unusually for young people today, they had little knowledge of each other’s bodies having both made the decision to wait until they were married.


She had a strange smile on her face as she looked at him.  He was nervous, very nervous.

“Take your clothes off,” she said, “I’ll be back in a moment.”  She disappeared into the bathroom.

He remove his clothes and got into bed.  She returned a few minutes later, wearing a long, thick bathrobe.  She smiled when she saw him in bed.

“Do you want to play some games?” she asked.

“What ever you want,” he replied, still nervous and anxious to please her.

She pulled the bedclothes off him, making him flinch with embarrassment.  This was the first time a woman had seen him naked.  She pulled the pillows from under his head and plonked them down on top of each other in the middle of the bed.

“Lie on those,” she said, and then told him to turn over when he lay face up.

“What for?” he questioned.

“You’ll see,” she answered, “I want you with the pillows just under the tops of your legs so that your bits are hanging over the edge of them.  Then I can get underneath you to reach them.”

Then I can get underneath you.  That sounded promising!  He did as she asked.

“Now,” she went on, “I want to tie your hands.  OK?”

He agreed hesitantly.  He was becoming rather unsure about all this.

She produced two lengths of cord from the pocket of her bathrobe and tied one round each of his wrists.  She looped them round the top corners of the bedframe, knotting them tightly.  Then pulled out two more lengths of cord, went to the bottom of the bed and did the same with his ankles, pulling his legs wide apart.

Suddenly he felt very vulnerable, his ass raised up in the air by the pillows under his legs, his cock and balls hanging in mid-air over the bed.  He was unable to move, the strong cord holding him securely.


“Hey, come on,” he said, “This isn’t very comfortable.”

She stood at the top of the bed now, very close to him.  He turned his head to look at her, and noticed for the first time the odd way her bathrobe hung around her.  What on earth was she wearing underneath it?

He soon found out.  With one quick movement she flung the bathrobe from her and onto the end of the bed.  His eyes were first drawn to her large, beautiful breasts, but almost at the same time he saw with horror the black protrusion from between her legs.  She was wearing a strap-on that glistened with the lubricating gel she had rubbed all over it.  It was attached to black, shiny shorts that covered her hips and bulged underneath and at the side.  He was speechless for a minute, but she pressed the bulge at her hip and he saw the strap-on start to vibrate and the bulge underneath her quiver as it too pulsed and vibrated.  She wriggled with pleasure.


“No!” he said forcefully.  “I don’t like that.”

“I don’t care what you like,” she replied, her attitude suddenly changing.  “You’re married to me and you’re going to do exactly what I want.”

He started to protest, but she was not listening.  She climbed onto the bed and knelt between his outstretched legs.  He felt the end of her strap-on between his buttocks, and her hands on him pulling the cheeks of his ass apart as she pushed herself forward.  The strap-on found his hole and forced its way inside as she pushed steadily.  He screamed with pain and shock.

“Shut up,” she said pushing it all the way in until she was right against him.  “Relax and enjoy it, or I’ll really hurt you.”  She grabbed his hair and jerked him head back painfully and then slammed it forward onto the bed.  Letting go, she dug her fingernails into his back and pulled them downwards leaving thin, bleeding scratches.

He gasped and moaned.

“You CAN’T......” he protested.

“I CAN,” she insisted, and started a slow pushing rhythm backwards and forwards with the strap-on.

He gritted his teeth and kept quiet, desperately trying to ignore the pain and the humiliation of what he was going through.  He would NEVER let her tie him up again.  This was absolutely crazy!  But despite the pain and humiliation, he suddenly realised he was very aroused.  His cock, already hard from the moment he had remove his clothes in anticipation of making love to his new wife for the very first time, was now rubbing against the bed as she pushed and ground the vibrating strap-on into him.

Her rhythm increased in speed and force, until she shook and shuddered, collapsing onto his back with the strap-on still inside him now pulled even more uncomfortably upwards as she lay there.

She did not move for several minutes, then slowly she withdrew from him and pressed the bulge at her hip again to turn off the vibration.

She took off the strap-on and peeled off the tight shorts, carefully removing the internal vibrating sections from herself.  She knelt there, naked now, one hand resting comfortably on each of his buttocks.

“You see?” she said softly, “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“I did NOT,” he replied angrily, his ass feeling badly bruised and as though it was on fire.

“I did,” she added dreamily.

“Untie me,” he ordered.

She said nothing.  He could not see what she was doing, but he had the impression she had taken something else from the large pocket of her bathrobe that she had left on the end of the bed.

He felt her hands reaching under him and holding his still-hard cock.  He could not see what she was doing.

“No,” he said, more gently. “Untie me.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said sharply.

He felt a sharp pain in his cock, and instantly it went limp.  He felt a coldness on it; something metal round it, then heard a sharp click.

“Perfect,” she said, sounding delighted.

“What have you done?”

“Don’t worry about it.”  She untied one of his arms to his great relief, but she pulled it down to his side and strapped his wrist securely to his thigh.  She repeated that with the other arm.  Then she loosened the cords holding his ankles and tied then together, pulling the pillows out from under him.  She grabbed his tied legs and pulled him down the bed, then rolling him onto his side.

He looked down at his cock, and saw it enclosed in a curved metal tube with a small hole at the end.  The tube was held in place by a tight metal ring round the base of his cock and balls.  With the shape and size of the tube there was no possibility his cock could expand to an erection, nor straighten at all.

“What’s this for?” he demanded angrily.

“To keep your nasty bits under control, of course.” 

“Take it off.  Unlock it.  I mean, how long do you intend to keep it on me?”

“How long?”  She seemed puzzled by the question.  “How long?” she repeated.  “It doesn’t come off.  Can’t you see?  It doesn’t unlock.  It just clips together and stays there.  It hasn’t any daft stuff like keyholes and locks.”

She saw his terrified expression.

“Oh don’t worry,” she added, “You can pee through the end, take a shower or whatever you want.  It won’t rust.  It’s titanium steel.  Very strong and totally rust-proof.”

Without another word she pulled the bedclothes right up over him and climbed into bed herself.  She slid one leg under his neck, bringing the other over him so that her thighs pressed on either side of his face.  Wriggling comfortably, she pulled his head up between her legs until he was against her.

“Go to sleep,” she said.  “We’ll talk tomorrow about how I expect you to serve me.........”


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