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"Hairy Peter
The Secret Chamberpot"

Part One
by Susan Strict

NEW January 2009
 Hairy Peter and The Secret Chamberpot part one by Susan Strict

The “Hairy Peter” series of novels from Susan Strict are erotic Femdom parodies set in the Fessewarts University for witches and wizards.  Magical Female Domination, as Peter finds at the university, is much like non-magical Female Domination – except very much more so!  A wizard’s role in magical society is, of course, to please witches, but both witches and wizards have a capacity for physical and sexual pleasure that far exceeds the needs and desires of non-magical humans.  Merely sitting on the face of the nearest wizard for pleasure is rarely enough for a witch, even if it is most definitely a good place to start.  Their activities are many and varied, satisfying their seemingly insatiable desires in ways that span the whole range of domination, sadism, and every imaginable fetish.

This book tells the story of the first half of Peter’s second term at Fessewarts University, his loves old and new, his experiences, and his continuing battle against the dark followers of He-Who-Must-Never-Be-Sat-Upon.

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