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John Savage

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John Savage is well known for writing strictly adult books - and not for the faint-hearted or for anyone not broadminded enough to appreciate the range of fantasy that the human mind can often appreciate and enjoy.

He has also written numerous other books on other topics under other pen names, and just a few in his own name.  For adults who want to see his "steamier" writing, click HERE.

As to the man himself, he was born in 1943, is married and has two grown children.  He is a Viet Nam era veteran.  His main career has been in computers, ranging from programmer to systems analyst.  He still programs computers and enjoys it.  His B.S. and M.S. are in computer science, but in addition, he has a PhD in, of all fields, astronomy!  This is the reason for the nickname “Doc” Savage being stuck on him (“Doc” Savage was a well-known fictional character from the 30’s).  Today he lives in Solana Beach, California, enjoying his hobbies of astronomy, fishing and fast sports cars.

Books by John Savage



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"The Bone Breaker"

The Bone Breaker by John Savage
New March 2011
"Blood, Lust and War"

Blood, Lust and War by John Savage