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by Miles Goodenuff

The Knights of Eruin by Miles Goodenuff

This first book from Miles Goodenuff is a fast-moving adventure story for children and adults.

They were both perfectly ordinary children, or so Michael thought. It was a surprise to find that his younger sister had more in common with the five peculiar children from the Riley family than either of them could have ever imagined. It was even more of a surprise to learn that ancient powers of good and evil were battling for supremacy all around them, and what should have been a peaceful holiday at the seaside turned into a battle for survival. Lucy's newly revealed powers would help them, but even her remarkable abilities would not be enough.

It was difficult for Michael once he knew about the special abilities of the others and realised he had none of his own, and yet there was something he shared with the tall, dark Myra Riley; something very odd that appeared to be connecting the two of them even more closely than his connection with his own sister. Whatever it was, without it their battle against the evil dalwights might have ended very differently...


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