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Authors published by
Strict Publishing International:
Roger Beresford - adults only
Bill - adults only
Commander James Bondage - adults only
Sean Brandywine
Robert Bresloff
Lindsey Brooks
Grendel Butler
Freddie Clegg - adults only
Greg Cline - adults only
Joe DeMonte
Shiloh Garnett
Miles Goodenuff
Eddie Heaton
Andrew J. Heller
Maxwell Crush - adults only
Dr Jane Foxx - adults only
Stella Fyre - adults only
Gloryboy - adults only
Mason Jarre - adults only
Miriam Jewell - adults only
Ian Johnstone
Thomas Kennedy
Julieanne Lynch
AP Miller - adults only
David Pearson
Allan T. Price
Candace Rice
Guy B. Rogers
T J Ryder - adults only
John Savage
Candace Smith
Tanya Snegirova - adults only
Susan Strict - adults only
Thomas Weaver - adults only
Mason Wheeler - adults only
Wheldrake - adults only
Frederick Williams
Yabba - adults only


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Published by
Strict Publishing International 
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Our latest publications:
Click the book covers for details, pricing and to buy School for Tomboys by Alex Binney Murder Through Magic by Alex Binney The Legend of William Carsell by Alex Binney
Murder at Midnight by Alex Binney Pirates Alley by Robert Bresloff It wasn't me by Alex Binney
Navy Days by Dr Harry H. Hovis The Dunce at the Back of the Class by Ian Johnstone Project J by Sean Brandywine, paperback edition Project J by Sean brandywine
One Hundred Days Without Fire by Alex Binney Edith by Alex Binney Scalawag by Robert Bresloff The Ghost of Julian Kane by Alex Binney
The Deathday Prophecies by Alex Binney Demons 2 by Alex Binney The Maelstrom Mystery by Alex Binney The Curse of the Camerons by Ian Johnstone
Demons by Alex Binney Gray Tide In The East by Andrew J. Heller Hoax! by Alex Binney
Hippolyta by Ian Johnstone Murder by Logic by Alex Binney Exile on a Primitive World by Sean Brandywine Last Pass by Candace Smith
Rogue Planet by Sean Brandywine Tainted Souls by Allan T Price Walking with Shadows by Julieanne Lynch A Noble Regard by Lindsey Brooks
Demon for Hire by John Savage The Giant Chinchilla of Oz by Andrew J. Heller The Ship That Dove Into The Sun by Sean Brandywine The Ro's Revenge by David Pearson
The Orb of Zemelchus by David Pearson In The Shadows by Julieanne Lynch Midnight Pass by Candace Rice Sherlock Holmes and the Case of The Spanking Dervish by Grendel Butler
Blood, Lust and War by John Savage The KNights of Eruin by Miles Goodenuff Seven Half Crowns by Frederick Williams Misadventures in Public Schools by Dr David Edwards
Mother's Love by Eddie Heaton The Bone Breaker by John Savage Juliette by Candace Smith MORE Dark Drink and Conversation by Thomas Kennedy
Highhaven Adventure by Shiloh Garnett Dark Drink and Conversation by Thomas Kennedy The Phantom Wolf by Shiloh Garnett The Earth in Peril by Sean Brandywine
Lucy and The Magic Factory by Joe DeMonte Amy's Magic Christmas by Joe Demonte Planet Killers by Sean Brandywine