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Dead End
by Yabba 
Published April 2014
Dead End by Yabba

Carl Caine, owner of The Caine Casket Company, is married to the beautiful Candy, a former burlesque dancer, but it's not a happy marriage and Candy much prefers to spend her nights with the virile Sam Franklin.

Meanwhile, Carl's business manager, Freddy Swinton, seems determined to set some sort of world record for the number of women at the Company who would perform oral sex on him, much to Debbie Butcher's disgust when it is made clear to her that any promotion depends on her performance with Freddy. She and her friend Louise (neither of whom are averse to a little girl-to-girl sex between them), plot revenge on Freddy, but only after Debbie discovers that her latest boyfriend is a serial killer and Louise has been having an energetic affaire with Freddy only to find out she has been filmed and is now, apparently, a famous star in explicit adult movies.

After that, it all becomes really complicated, with Carl Caine on his way to Europe to see a woman who surely will keep him happier than the impossible Candy, leaving Freddy to do as he pleases to whoever he pleases at The Caine Casket Company. Perhaps it is all summed up in Louise's words: "Never underestimate the power of a great blowjob." Or perhaps not. The powers of the supernatural and of natural justice may just have the last word.


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