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All about Susan

Who is Susan?

The simple answer is "Me, of course", but that would not be completely true.

"Susan Strict" is a pen name, and Susan is, in part at least, a fictional character. No one has all of Susan's characteristics, yet few women - and men, I suspect - have none of them. I based myself, Susan that is, on my own likes and dislikes, on both the things I have done and the things I would like to imagine myself doing. Some of Susan's activities are almost impossible and may be completely impossible for many of us (don't try them!), while others we can all try if we use a little caution and common sense.

Yet, Susan is not all me any more than I am all Susan. She has parts made up from other people, whose likes and dislikes are not totally dissimilar from my own yet may go off in directions that I certainly would never take myself. An idea, a suggestion, an outburst, may spark Susan into actions quite remote from her "natural" character, with fascinating results. Susan loves to experiment, to test, to shock both her readers and herself. She likes to explore, usually without losing touch of her dominant position, although even this has been tested on more than one occasion recently. Following Susan, or being part of her as I am, is exciting and unpredictable for, I think, whichever sex you are and whatever your inclinations. Certainly to appreciate Susan's thoughts and writing properly it may help to be either outrageously dominant or fairly submissive, but I hope that those whose leanings are more middle-of-the-road may find more than a little for them too.

Susan, you may notice, is moody. Some would say this is exactly like me, but Susan's moods occur for other reasons. Susan may, for example, one day be a total man-hating, man-hurting bitch, then twenty-four hours later or less be desperate to have a man in her bed and behave almost tenderly towards him. Confusing for the man, certainly, and no less confusing for readers of her responses in forums and her stories. But Susan, to that extent, is real. Susan, composite character that she may be, is human - and uncomfortably human at times to such an extent that emotions and moods hit her not only as much as they hit the rest of us, but more so because of the complication of a confusing yet very enjoyable existence being almost, but not quite, real.

So why, you may ask, did I not choose to be myself when there may well be more than enough material for stories and a web site? Because I am already myself. Been there, done that, and doing it on a daily basis. Susan is more than me. Susan takes me further than myself, into a world where fiction can, and does, merge with fact so the two are deliciously inseparable, and takes others, the readers and contributors, along with me to enhance the whole experience.

If you enjoy Susan's thoughts and writings, then tell me in Susan's forums (when they're working again!) or send me an email. If you would like Susan to take different directions from time to time, then tell me that too. There's no telling what may suddenly appeal to Susan, and she will go off on something that surprises us all.

That's what it's all about. That's the excitement of it.

Enjoy it.

I do.





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