Man, my man, your eyes shine bright

With hope for ecstasy tonight,

And innocently trust that I

Will not your aches and lusts deny.


In what distant fantasy

Has burned this hopeless need for me?

In what dream would you aspire

To hope you could arouse my fire?


And in what weakness did you start

To think you had enslaved my heart?

Where the facts to so maintain

The truth of such a hopeless claim?


Yet as you lie there in my power

Through many long and lonely hour

There may arise a need in me

Far deeper, darker than you see.


So you, my man, came not in vain

To seek my favour once again

My hunger will be satisfied

On you my yearnings sought and tried.


Man, my man, whose eyes shine bright

In hope of ecstasy tonight,

Now in the certainty that I

Shall not my aches and lusts deny.







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