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"The Destruction of Free Will"

Strict Susan came down like a wolf on the fold
Like a Goddess she shone in black leather and gold
With the crack of her whip men would kneel or would flee
As she captured and twisted the minds of the Free.

Like a whirlwind she filled all around her with dread
Like a plague she invaded each heart and each head
With a single command she exerted her power
As she grasped at their souls men would yield or cower.

Like an Angel of Dominance, her rage like a blast,
She breathed power in the face of each man as she passed
Then the eyes of each victim went glassy and dim
And she knew her control was complete over him.

And they lay in submission, her slaves one and all
Every man at her feet, on her bed, at her call
Every spirit was broken, just toys at her whim
Every body was hers, every face, every limb.

Then she turned on her heel and she surveyed the scene
Satisfied she had broken Free Will there had been.
Her destruction complete she strode swiftly away
One more conquest was hers, now she sought other prey.



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