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A few of our recommendations:
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An exciting Femdom story with a touch of the darker side of ancient magic.

John Savage's writing at its best, with abduction, bondage, pain, and lots and lots of sex...

Lacy is abducted on her way back to college, and finds herself used, abused, and trained as a sex slave.

Dark Drink and Conversation by Thomas Kennedy

Irish humor at its best.  Set in a bar in Dublin, the locals solve the problems of the world around them - not least the difficulties encountered by the ladies of Strimmers, a lapdancing club.

Two for Torture by John Savage and Susan Strict

An action novel by Susan Strict and John Savage.  A young man and his sister are separately kidnapped, and used and abused by their captors - hers a group of men, and his a group of women.  The race is on to find them, but finding them is only half the problem, even with a team of armed mercenaries in support.

An Eternity in Pain by John Savage
Halloween by Susan Strict